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Optimize your trades across hundreds of DEXes on multiple networks.


Lend | Borrow

Agave rewards depositors with passive income and lets them use their deposits as collateral to borrow and lend digital assets.


Liquid staking

mGNO staking gives you the opportunity of staking with Ankr bringing you better APY for your mGNO.



The leading decentralized betting protocol that anyone can build on top of.



Bao Finance is a new protocol that adds features to existing DeFi systems.



bookmaker.XYZ is the first of its kind betting service built directly into the internet.


Recurring payments

Start managing your recurring money flows with Cask.



Circles is an alternative currency, where communities can give each other basic income - without waiting for the state.

Component Finance

DEX | Stablecoins

Component aims to provide flexible pool settings suitable for any token project, freedom of pools creation, and fair community protocol governance token distribution.

Connext Bridge

Bridge | Swap

Multi-chain token swap and bridge.


DEX | Stablecoins

Curve is an exchange liquidity pool designed for (1) extremely efficient stablecoin trading (2) low risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers, without an opportunity cost.

Charts | Portfolio tracking

DeFiYield provides unified data for the most popular DeFi protocols via an intuitive interface or flexible API.

Dex Guru

Trade | Charts

DexGuru is a non-custodial trading terminal made for traders in the DeFi era, leveraging on-chain analytics combined with token swap execution capabilities.

Elk Finance

DEX | Pools

Elk Finance is building a peer-to-peer network for cross-chain value transfers and blockchain interoperability.


Staking pools | ReFi

The first DeFi protocol to secure lending by connecting yield farmers to actual farmers!


Public goods | Non-profits

Get rewarded for giving to for-good projects with zero added fees.


Web3 debit card

Holyheld is a Web3 debit card that comes with a personal IBAN. It is a card that works with your non-custodial wallet and supports six networks natively: no bridging and no waiting.


DEX | Pools

Honeyswap is network of decentralized exchanges which are supported and maintained by the 1Hive community.


Bridge | Multi-token

Hop is a scalable rollup-to-rollup general token bridge.

Hundred Finance

Lend | Borrow

Hundred Finance is a decentralized application (dApp) that enables the lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies.

Jarvis Network

DEX | Stablecoins

Using stable and liquid on-chain fiat currencies to increase financial inclusion and facilitate the access to liquidity and yield to everyone.


Custodian | Risk Management

Automated membership management for the platforms your community already uses.


Bridge | Swap

Multi-chain token swap and bridge.

Mai Finance

Yield Farming | Pools

Mai Finance is an open source and non-custodial stable protocol for extracting value out of priced assets


Bridge | xDAI

ERC20 Token Bridge, Ethereum → xDai, BSC→ xDai.

Prime Deals

Partnerships | Agreements

The platform to negotiate and execute your next DAO to DAO deal. An agnostic, trustless, and flexible environment for DAOplomacy.

Prime Launch


Prime Launch is a platform for fair token launches in a completely permissionless fashion.

Prime Pools

Co-liquidity provision | Index funds

DAO-governed liquidity pools that bridge liquidity between allied ecosystems and create index pools.


Fractional Ownership

For the first time, investors around the globe can buy into the US real estate market through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership. Powered by blockchain.

Request Create

Payment request

With Request Create, you can create and share payment requests in three easy steps, unlocking you to spend less time on payments and more time on running your business.

Request Finance

Payroll | Invoicing

The all-in-one finance solution for Web3 businesses.


Permissions management

Revoke the allowances that you no longer use to prevent unwanted access to your funds.


Asset streaming

Make by the second payments with the Sablier token streaming protocol.


Wallet | Multisig

The most trusted platform to manage digital assets on Gnosis Chain.

Smart Invoice

Freelancing | Invoicing

Smart Invoice is an easy-to-use tool that provides web3 freelancers with cryptocurrency invoicing, escrow, and arbitration.


Liquid staking

Our resilient infrastructure and yield strategies give you the best GNO staking experience in the game.


Asset streaming

Superfluid is an asset streaming protocol that brings subscriptions, salaries and rewards to DAOs and crypto-native businesses.


DEX | Pools

Buy and Sell Instantly on Sushi. Wherever. No registration needed. Over 400 tokens to trade at your fingertips.


DEX | Pools

Swap, Farm, Bridge & Vote. DeFi unchained.


Data monetization

Swash enables internet users, developers, and businesses to cultivate new realities of data ownership.

Symmetric Finance

DEX | Pools

Symmetric is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) and a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), running on the Celo and Gnosis networks.

Trustlines Network

Peer-to-Peer Lending

The Trustlines Network is the first project to create a universally accessible medium of exchange.

Utopia Labs

Payroll | Accounting

Collaborative payroll and expense management for DAOs.

xDAI Bridge

Bridge | xDAI

ERC20 Token Bridge, Ethereum → xDai.